Day 68

I fully intended to do a workout today, but just doing the usual housework, along with catch up with family, absolutely exhausted me and made my chest hurt again. I…

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Day 67

2,000 steps today! It's really interesting to see my Fitbit chart of my steps over his time I've been ill. You can see the point I started to feel bad,…

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Day 66

Recovery is well in hand! My only excuse for not hitting my targets today is that I had a very, very hectic work day and stepping wasn't a priority I…

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Day 65

I'm definitely feeling better today. I had a full day of work and a really good evening. My activity probably should have been increased but I'll look at doing more…

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Day 64

I made it through an entire day of work, so definitely on the mend. I then spent my evening watching Critical Role and doing my cross stitch. I didnt quite…

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Day 63

Bit by bit I'm coming through this illness. I managed to work for half a day today before I had to go lie down because I got dizzy. I'm still…

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Day 62

I'm feeling better!!! I've still spent most of the day in bed but I've been able to watch Netflix and play Stardew Valley which had made a lovely change. My…

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Day 61

An earlier update than normal due to me still being ill. For the past two days I've basically been in bed all day. It all lasted last Wednesday with a…

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Day 60

This should have been a milestone and a reflection day. Instead, I'm still not very well and I've been in bed most of the day.

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Day 59

I've been keeping track of my food but not holding myself to my calories. I'm making sure I'm not eating for the sake of eating but this illness is taking…

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