Day 61

An earlier update than normal due to me still being ill. For the past two days I've basically been in bed all day. It all lasted last Wednesday with a…

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Day 60

This should have been a milestone and a reflection day. Instead, I'm still not very well and I've been in bed most of the day.

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Day 59

I've been keeping track of my food but not holding myself to my calories. I'm making sure I'm not eating for the sake of eating but this illness is taking…

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Day 58

Still not feeling well today so I didnt even try to meet my step target. I made sure to drink my water and paid attention to my food without focusing…

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Day 57

I drank so much water today! It was helped in part by the fact that I developed a cough around 2 this afternoon that's refused to go away. Not feeling…

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Day 56

Not a lot to write about today. I managed to squeeze some chocolates into my calories which was super yum and I didnt go over at all. I'm consistently hitting…

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Day 55

I ache so much. I spent about an hour exercising yesterday. 45 minutes on my weight workout and then a 15 minute yoga session afterwards. I do yoga after as…

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Day 54

It was the last workout session of the month today so I took some progress pictures. Initially I felt really down hearted as there's no immediately obvious change but then…

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Day 53

I got my steps in!! By 4pm I had only done 700 steps so I rented Chicago and stepped it out while watching the musical. It definitely seemed to make…

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Day 52

Another really bad day for steps. This heat just doesnt leave me with the energy to do any stepping at all. Instead, I'm just flopping. I did really well on…

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