Day 1

So the first day was rather exciting and rather interesting. After setting everything up I made sure to track my water and track my food.

I’ve learnt already two important things:

  • Hitting my protein goal will be hard
  • Hitting my steps will be hard, especially in lockdown

Because I accidentally activated a security feature while setting my account up and locked myself to 10,000 steps I think I have more calories allotted than I should. I’ve decided to leave it as the recommended number of steps a day is 15,000 and I do want to get there eventually.

Yesterday, I marched on the spot for 15 minutes and proudly hit 2,500 steps (I’ve been averaging 1,000 since lockdown began) so for now that’s my internal goal and I’ll build it up week by week.

My yoga session went well. 30 minutes that I mentally really needed and I ache today so I feel happy about what I accomplished yesterday both food-wise and exercise-wise.

Now for the next step forward…

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