Day 2

I quite enjoyed my experiences with this plan yesterday. I found it a strange experience to get weighed again but I’m quite happy to jump on, not really look at the number, then jump off again.

The plan encourages you to weigh yourself daily so you’re aware of the weekly trends. I use to just weigh myself once a week (when I remembered) but sometimes that day could be a bad day due to normal weight fluctuations.

I’m avoiding obsessing over it (well, easy considering it’s only Day 2 of this…) but even in my calorie counting I’m not obsessing. I understand that this is a) a journey and b) it’s a weekly average calorie goal.

So I went slightly over my target food goal, yesterday. I knew I would if I ate what I wanted to eat so I made the choice consciously because I was hungry. Maybe that’s a bad decision, maybe I’m not “getting” this plan by doing that but I have to do what’s right for me and I cannot allow myself to get obsessive over every tiny number.

Anyway, today I have exercise day! My resistance bands have arrived so with those and my dumbbells I’m looking forward to trying out the workout.

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