Day 3

I did it!!

I’ve been in achy pain all day today but I’m so proud of myself. I managed to do all my sets with either weights or resistance band, except for lunges.

I’ve looked up how to do lunges with dumbbells now, though, so I can do that on workout round 2.

My husband asked how I know what weight to use and I realised I didnt know so I looked that up too; turns out I was doing it a bit wrong.

See I was just doing the best with the weights I had but depending on how many you can do in the 8-12 reps let’s you know whether to go up or down in the weights!

So next time I know, if I can only manage 8 then lower the weights for the next set!

I do feel like there’s been a bit of a steep learning curve here but I also get the sense it’s somewhat deliberate to make you find the information yourself so you actually learn it.

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