Let’s start with the good things today.

Firstly, I did my exercise like I intended too! Secondly, I hit my protein goal today along with my water, and calories.

However, I didn’t do good on the fibre at all. It appears if I don’t have a high fibre breakfast I struggle with it. I also managed to injure my thigh during exercise so going upstairs has been painful!

I’m going to see how it goes with tomorrow for exercise. I may have to just do the upper body moves and ignore the squats and lunges. I’d rather take that small hit than really badly injure myself.

Steps weren’t too bad today but I fell 1,000 short of my target. I’m still on my weekly target though so I don’t mind that.

I’ve been watching my husband play through The Last of Us: Part 2 these last couple of days. We finished it today and I feel a little… unsatisfied… I enjoyed the story considering each bit individually, but as a whole something seemed to be missing.

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