It was the last workout session of the month today so I took some progress pictures. Initially I felt really down hearted as there’s no immediately obvious change but then I started looking closer.

I noticed that on my first set of pictures I was carrying some fat above my stomach that is now gone and the same at the top of my thighs. It’s only obvious in the profile view but it’s a stark reminder that just because the scale has only lost a couple of pounds, I am gaining muscle and still losing fat.

However, today I had not one butterfly bun but two… so I went over in calories but it was a nice celebration!

I’m not going to pretend this has been an easy journey so far. This week has been an exceptionally bad one in terms of sticking to my targets and the scale going in the opposite direction to what I want.

But that’s why I have this… to document my journey. And maybe I need to start being a little more transparent about my thoughts in general.

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