Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You
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Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You is a game in which you play an investigator looking into a group of people that may have caused a bombing. Over the course of 5 days your investigation will lead you to decide whether these people are guilty or innocent of their supposed crimes.

I really enjoyed playing Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You as it’s kind of a detective game while also being very true to the spirit of the book 1984 by George Orwell.

An image of the game when investigating Cassandra Watergate.
Beginning to investigate Cassandra Watergate.

The gameplay is as follows:

  • Your supervisor has an objective
  • You investigate websites, listen in on phone calls, and read private emails to find statements known as datachunks.
  • You decide which datachunks to upload to the Orwell system.
  • The supervisor makes decisions based on the datachunks you’ve uploaded.

Mostly, it’s up to you which pieces of data you choose to upload but sometimes the game will feel stuck until you upload a very specific piece of data. That can be quite irritating as it’s not always obvious what piece you need so you can end up uploading more than you wanted to find the blocking piece.

Generally, though, it does allows you to be selective in what data you provide. Do you really believe that person is innocent? Avoid uploading any incriminating statements and it might have additional benefits later in the game.

An image of the game when investigating Cassandra Watergate, with more information.
Progress on investigating Cassandra Watergate

The choices you make do have an impact on the story though there’s no large branches and you will get the entirety of the story regardless of your individual choices.. Your decisions are still fairly major as they impact whether events happen, who is arrested, and how the game resolves but you realise on a second play-through that the general gist of the story remains the same.

Still, the game itself is really good if you enjoy detective-style investigation games and is well worth the full price.

I played the game on Steam and it took me 12 hours to work through all of the achievements.

All images taken from Fellow Traveller’s Press Kit.

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