Star rating systems are great at giving an immediate indicator as to what the opinion is with 1 being a general “not good” and 5 being a general “amazing”, but what about all those inbetween?

Well I decided to clarify that here so you know all reviews are based on this system:

1 – Terrible

A one-star review means I did not enjoy this at all would not recommended it to anyone.

2 – Okay

A two-star review means it was okay. I didn’t particularly enjoy it but I didn’t dislike it enough to discontinue.

3 – Good

A three-star review means I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to people that already like the genre.

4 – Great

A four-star review means I really enjoyed it and probably talked to people about it. It’s a game that stuck with me after I finished it and would recommend it to people that are new to the genre and wish to give it a try. This recommendation may also come with caveats.

5 – Excellent

A five-star review was really, really good. Either I kept going back to it again and again or I couldn’t stop thinking about it and talked about a lot. I would recommend this to anyone.