Day 17

On a completely, non-TeamRH related event, I’m really enjoying Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~. I might write some posts about it if the mood strikes me over the weekend.

Those of you still around that were here previously for that kind of content might get it again!

Back on my say update, I’ve not met any goals yet but I’ve still the entire evening to go and I feel confident I can hit them.

I’m definitely feeling stronger when it comes to my weights, though I’ve still a long to go. Interesting my leg was better today so maybe the lack of walking was hindering the post cramp healing.


Day 16

I’m proud of myself. I very nearly allowed my cramp side effects to be my “excuse” for not doing my workout. But I pushed through that mental block and did the entire workout plus 5 minutes yoga at the end for a cool down.

I definitely feel so much better for that!

Everything else went really well today too and I bought myself Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ for my Switch.

Now to snuggle up with my book again!


Day 12

I’ve really enjoyed today.

I managed to do lots of different things, including my workout for today. It was a tough workout but I already feel stronger than I did when I started.

I’m so proud of myself for continuing. Today was the first day when I could have made an excuse and not worked out, but I’d didnt. I fought that feeling and did my workout.


Day 9

It all went a little better today. I did my step goal, my weight work out, and met the water goal too.

I still didn’t do very well with protein or fibre and some days I struggle to meet my food target.

Bit my bit I feel as though I’m getting there. Each strength workout is feeling better than the last and my weight is dropping even if that isnt my main motivation.


Day 5

Today I had my second workout.

It went a lot better than the first one and, although I ache, I feel as though I had a better workout because of it. I managed to keep my heart rate high throughout and performed the moves with better form.

Everything else is going okay too. I got 3/4 to both my protein goal and my fibre goal. I’ve also managed over my daily goal of 2,000 steps a day since starting this.


Day 3

I did it!!

I’ve been in achy pain all day today but I’m so proud of myself. I managed to do all my sets with either weights or resistance band, except for lunges.

I’ve looked up how to do lunges with dumbbells now, though, so I can do that on workout round 2.

My husband asked how I know what weight to use and I realised I didnt know so I looked that up too; turns out I was doing it a bit wrong.

See I was just doing the best with the weights I had but depending on how many you can do in the 8-12 reps let’s you know whether to go up or down in the weights!

So next time I know, if I can only manage 8 then lower the weights for the next set!

I do feel like there’s been a bit of a steep learning curve here but I also get the sense it’s somewhat deliberate to make you find the information yourself so you actually learn it.



With a new beginning comes the initial setup. The setup always gets me super excited because it’s a fresh start and a chance to try something new.

For TeamRH this involved signing up (with a discount code my friend gave me who does this too) and also setting up the app. Now, I did run into some difficulties here, probably from my own stupidity. I clicked yes to “Working out from home” and didn’t realise that a lot of the workouts they provide you actually require barbells.

I don’t have barbells. I don’t even have room for barbells. However, I do have dumbbells which, after a bit of research, I believe I can use instead a lot of the time.

I’ve also bought myself resistance bands. The thing I didn’t know going into this was that a “workout” is solely strength training. No longer will my yoga count as a workout, unless a resistance band is involved.

I’m looking forward to figuring out how to incorporate resistance bands into my at-home workouts as well as beginning to strength train with the dumbbells.

My plan is to strength train twice a week and yoga once a week; but this is a limitation in the app as you can only choose 3 or 6 times a week. I did find guidance on how to handle this 2 times a week workout.

It’s yoga tonight, rest tomorrow, then first strength day on Thursday!