Day 26

We went out for a drive around today. We’d hoped to go for a walk just it was too busy given the current situation so we ended up just coming home and I got my steps in, as usual, in the house!

I had to push myself to work out bit I took progress pictures and, although theres not much change, it is noticable from the profile view.

Regardless of the physical changes, I feel so much stronger and confident which I think is the main thing at the moment.


Day 23

Despite this being categorised as a Team RH post (because it’s my daily update post) I don’t actually have too much to report!

Everything is feeling really good and since starting this I’ve definitely had better mental health, which is probably more related to the exercise than the eating.

I’m not finding it hard to stick to my food goals on most days, though I’m still generally terrible at the fibre and protein goals.

My steps are maybe not getting as much attention as they should and I think I could start to struggle once I get to 4,000. I’m already having to check regularly and make sure I try to get to certain points by lunch. But then I wonder if maybe that’s the point. Regularly spaced exercise may be more long term achievable than a load of steps in one go.

I’ve 200 left to do today so I’m going to hop to it!


Day 21

I met my 3,500 goal today!

It’s going alright now I’m getting into the swing of things. My weight is staying around the same as it always has been but that is to be expected as I’ve not been reaching the steps I should be (and eating more!!)

I got some protein bars at the shops today so I’m looking forward to snacking on them during the week!

Today was spent with a lot of reading! I powered through The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson and made a good way through The Hero of Ages.


Day 19

Today wasn’t a good food day at all. If I had my old allowance it would be fine but those extra 200 seem to be the difference some days!

I did my exercise though and I can still see improvements which I’m super happy about.

At the moment, days seem to be passing so quickly. Almost too quickly. I’ve lost track of where we are in lockdown and this is almost becoming normal.

Along with general household jobs I played a lot of Planet Zoo and Paths of Exile – my new found “clicky clicky” game.

I still have a fair few steps left to do though so I’m going to put on some TV and step away!


Day 17

On a completely, non-TeamRH related event, I’m really enjoying Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~. I might write some posts about it if the mood strikes me over the weekend.

Those of you still around that were here previously for that kind of content might get it again!

Back on my say update, I’ve not met any goals yet but I’ve still the entire evening to go and I feel confident I can hit them.

I’m definitely feeling stronger when it comes to my weights, though I’ve still a long to go. Interesting my leg was better today so maybe the lack of walking was hindering the post cramp healing.


Day 16

I’m proud of myself. I very nearly allowed my cramp side effects to be my “excuse” for not doing my workout. But I pushed through that mental block and did the entire workout plus 5 minutes yoga at the end for a cool down.

I definitely feel so much better for that!

Everything else went really well today too and I bought myself Code Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ for my Switch.

Now to snuggle up with my book again!


Day 13

Once again, I managed to hit my food and water goal. I ended up working late at work so I didnt have quite as much evening time as I usually would.

I didnt let myself use that as an excuse to not have enough steps so I spent a good 20 minutes walking on the spot to get my step count up to 2,500.

I met my 2,500 goal 5 out of 7 days last week so I’m going to up my steps to 3,000 tomorrow.

Getting closer to that 15,000 goal!


Day 12

I’ve really enjoyed today.

I managed to do lots of different things, including my workout for today. It was a tough workout but I already feel stronger than I did when I started.

I’m so proud of myself for continuing. Today was the first day when I could have made an excuse and not worked out, but I’d didnt. I fought that feeling and did my workout.


Day 9

It all went a little better today. I did my step goal, my weight work out, and met the water goal too.

I still didn’t do very well with protein or fibre and some days I struggle to meet my food target.

Bit my bit I feel as though I’m getting there. Each strength workout is feeling better than the last and my weight is dropping even if that isnt my main motivation.


Day 7

Today has been a really tough day for reasons that I can’t quite identify.

I feel absolutely exhausted and as a result I’m skipping out my yoga that I’m supposed to be doing today to just rest up.

I am going to be increasing my daily step goal to 2,500 to begin working my way to the recommended 15,000 steps.