Day 18

I feel as though the weighing in every day and calorie tracking is starting to become more natural. I actually thought I might’ve forgot to step on the scales today because I no longer pay attention to the daily number!

The mindset of weekly trends gathered via daily data is beginning to make sense and even when I have what feels like a “fat day” by weekly trend doesnt support it (even if the daily number might). I can see how people could become obsessed with the daily number though and I’m thankful I am able forget about it.

It was the start of a 4-day weekend today. I met my daily steps and topped off my water thanks to a bit of gardening while the weather was still nice.

I noticed I had my TeamRH app still set to 10,000 daily steps which was giving me the wrong food target. I lowered that to 5,000 as that’s closest to my current step rate and I’ll increase it again when 10,000 is more within range.

All in all, today was a happy day and I’m sure Planet Zoo had some part to play in that!


Day 10

Well, I didn’t come close to hitting my targets today.

I went over on my food, but that’s okay because I was under yesterday. I only got half way with my water and I didnt even get half way to my step goal… I did manage to hit my protein goal though with the help of some steak!

It was a weird day that started with working at 7:30 to prep for an 8:00 call. Then, before I knew it, it was lunch time. Then the end of the work day!

I did get to sort a lot of time playing Final Fantasy X and The Sims 4 so I enjoyed myself. Now to read The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson for a bit before bed!