Day 12

I’ve really enjoyed today.

I managed to do lots of different things, including my workout for today. It was a tough workout but I already feel stronger than I did when I started.

I’m so proud of myself for continuing. Today was the first day when I could have made an excuse and not worked out, but I’d didnt. I fought that feeling and did my workout.


Day 5

Today I had my second workout.

It went a lot better than the first one and, although I ache, I feel as though I had a better workout because of it. I managed to keep my heart rate high throughout and performed the moves with better form.

Everything else is going okay too. I got 3/4 to both my protein goal and my fibre goal. I’ve also managed over my daily goal of 2,000 steps a day since starting this.


Day 3

I did it!!

I’ve been in achy pain all day today but I’m so proud of myself. I managed to do all my sets with either weights or resistance band, except for lunges.

I’ve looked up how to do lunges with dumbbells now, though, so I can do that on workout round 2.

My husband asked how I know what weight to use and I realised I didnt know so I looked that up too; turns out I was doing it a bit wrong.

See I was just doing the best with the weights I had but depending on how many you can do in the 8-12 reps let’s you know whether to go up or down in the weights!

So next time I know, if I can only manage 8 then lower the weights for the next set!

I do feel like there’s been a bit of a steep learning curve here but I also get the sense it’s somewhat deliberate to make you find the information yourself so you actually learn it.



With a new beginning comes the initial setup. The setup always gets me super excited because it’s a fresh start and a chance to try something new.

For TeamRH this involved signing up (with a discount code my friend gave me who does this too) and also setting up the app. Now, I did run into some difficulties here, probably from my own stupidity. I clicked yes to “Working out from home” and didn’t realise that a lot of the workouts they provide you actually require barbells.

I don’t have barbells. I don’t even have room for barbells. However, I do have dumbbells which, after a bit of research, I believe I can use instead a lot of the time.

I’ve also bought myself resistance bands. The thing I didn’t know going into this was that a “workout” is solely strength training. No longer will my yoga count as a workout, unless a resistance band is involved.

I’m looking forward to figuring out how to incorporate resistance bands into my at-home workouts as well as beginning to strength train with the dumbbells.

My plan is to strength train twice a week and yoga once a week; but this is a limitation in the app as you can only choose 3 or 6 times a week. I did find guidance on how to handle this 2 times a week workout.

It’s yoga tonight, rest tomorrow, then first strength day on Thursday!