Day 21

I met my 3,500 goal today!

It’s going alright now I’m getting into the swing of things. My weight is staying around the same as it always has been but that is to be expected as I’ve not been reaching the steps I should be (and eating more!!)

I got some protein bars at the shops today so I’m looking forward to snacking on them during the week!

Today was spent with a lot of reading! I powered through The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson and made a good way through The Hero of Ages.


Day 18

I feel as though the weighing in every day and calorie tracking is starting to become more natural. I actually thought I might’ve forgot to step on the scales today because I no longer pay attention to the daily number!

The mindset of weekly trends gathered via daily data is beginning to make sense and even when I have what feels like a “fat day” by weekly trend doesnt support it (even if the daily number might). I can see how people could become obsessed with the daily number though and I’m thankful I am able forget about it.

It was the start of a 4-day weekend today. I met my daily steps and topped off my water thanks to a bit of gardening while the weather was still nice.

I noticed I had my TeamRH app still set to 10,000 daily steps which was giving me the wrong food target. I lowered that to 5,000 as that’s closest to my current step rate and I’ll increase it again when 10,000 is more within range.

All in all, today was a happy day and I’m sure Planet Zoo had some part to play in that!


Day 9

It all went a little better today. I did my step goal, my weight work out, and met the water goal too.

I still didn’t do very well with protein or fibre and some days I struggle to meet my food target.

Bit my bit I feel as though I’m getting there. Each strength workout is feeling better than the last and my weight is dropping even if that isnt my main motivation.


Day 2

I quite enjoyed my experiences with this plan yesterday. I found it a strange experience to get weighed again but I’m quite happy to jump on, not really look at the number, then jump off again.

The plan encourages you to weigh yourself daily so you’re aware of the weekly trends. I use to just weigh myself once a week (when I remembered) but sometimes that day could be a bad day due to normal weight fluctuations.

I’m avoiding obsessing over it (well, easy considering it’s only Day 2 of this…) but even in my calorie counting I’m not obsessing. I understand that this is a) a journey and b) it’s a weekly average calorie goal.

So I went slightly over my target food goal, yesterday. I knew I would if I ate what I wanted to eat so I made the choice consciously because I was hungry. Maybe that’s a bad decision, maybe I’m not “getting” this plan by doing that but I have to do what’s right for me and I cannot allow myself to get obsessive over every tiny number.

Anyway, today I have exercise day! My resistance bands have arrived so with those and my dumbbells I’m looking forward to trying out the workout.